Terje Ellefsen
21 June 2019 / Terje Ellefsen - Ta dæ en pause, ditt naud (single)

Terje Ellefsen is a singer, musician and songwriter with experience from many genres. He is, among others, a founding member of the popular americana/folk band Susie & the Spuds, but started writing norwegian folk songs even before that.

The underground folk tunes on his debut album 'Spellefsen' (due to be released autumn 2019) have grown from ten years of acoustic sketches, performed from time to time in solo or duo settings with musical friends. But now, in the studio, they have blossomed into something more..

Singing in his native Lillesand dialect, this varied collection of songs range from protest songs to odes to joy; from observations to flights of fiction, and everything in between. Producer Arne Kjelsrud Mathisen joins him on many tracks on backup vocals, keyboards and various rhythm instruments, while hornblower Tor Grunde Simonsen, guitar wrangler Kjetil Grande and fiddle fanatic Marin Stallemo Bakke have added some lovely parts to this 15 track fiesta.


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"Terje Ellefsen ute med sin aller første singel"