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Øksendal is a 100% original Alternative Rock band based in Kristiansand, Norway led by guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Dagfinn Øksendal. Øksendal is a fearless creative who makes music for himself, first and foremost, and whose main concerns are the art and the experience of doing it. He follows few rules, letting his instincts guide his process, and he presents his true self to his fans. The sound draws upon iconic influences like David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, Roy Buchanan, and Jimi Hendrix but Dagfinn never imitates and has carved out his own personal artistic territory.

Øksendal and his familiars are excited about the upcoming release and feel they could attract a much larger audience to its efforts. Even so, this music is intended to be taken at face value so, when the artist-to-fan connection happens, everyone involved knows that it's real. Øksendal is an easy act to recommend to anyone looking for a unique and individual take on rock music that hasn't been heard before now. If that sounds like you, start listening today.

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Writer: Dagfinn Øksendal
Producer: Kjetil Grande
Musicians: Dagfinn Øksendal, Kjetil Grande, Arne Kjelsrud Mathisen og Ragnar Lillemark
Recording & mix: Ronny Bøe's Krutt Studio
Mastering: Brian Lucey's Magic Garden Mastering

Painting: Anthony Jared Higginson
Cover design: LYD
Pressphoto: Jan Harald Helmersen

Øksendal added to over 130 radio stations!

Øksendal i media

Øksendal's debut album has received overwhelming reviews.

During March both "Starstruck" and "Stay for Dinner" got featured on Reverbnation reaching the global top 10 in rock genre and the whopping 51 position in the entire world all genres!

The songs "Candid Eyes" and "Like a Drum" is hot right now getting played on well over 100 radio networks world wide including BBC Radio 1.

"Candid Eyes" climbed as far as 9th position in week 8 on the top 10 Euro Indie Music Chart with over 1200 radio stations playing this chart while "Like a Drum" is currently on the 17th position and still climbing!

Ordentlig Radio

"Starstruck" B-Listed

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